Friday, June 17, 2011

Fogbound in Maine

May 29. Well, this was not exactly an epic trip, but with my incredibly sore foot, it is probably the best I can do for a while. We were on a cruise with a friend for a week, from Boston to Montreal, and the second day out included a stop in Bar Harbor, Maine. We took a bus tour for a couple of hours that included several stops in Acadia National Park, one my favorite places in the world. One stop was on top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the Atlantic Coast north of Rio. On a clear day, the views here are spectacular, but this was a fogbound morning in Maine, with visibility less than 200 feet.

There was a short and paved loop trail at the top, about a half kilometer. I was the only one on the bus to walk it. You could barely see a thing, but it felt good to have boots on the ground in Maine (home once in a past lifetime for a lot of years) once again!

You could see relatively clearly for maybe 20 feet, and after that shapes looked like ghosts. Because of the paved path, you really couldn't get lost:

Maine granite in the fog:

Even these pretty purple flowers were muted by fog:

Back at sea level, I snapped a shop of Bar Island. At low tide, as it is now, you can walk to the island across this bar that gives Bar Harbor it's name. It is a popular thing to do, as you can see. But stay alert, because if the tide comes in - 12 foot range - you'd better be able to swim in the 50 degree water, or you're staying on the island for a while.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No, I've Not Fallen Off the Earth

I've not fallen off the earth. I'm just not hiking. When every step with one's left foot feels like a nail is being driven into your left heel, it takes some of the pleasure out of walking and hiking. This plantar fasciitis is no fun at all, and I've missed prime hiking weather this spring.

Other than that, many visits to my sister Ann, and her death on Memorial Day - I will miss her until I take my final breath some day - have taken time and desire away from other things. But I have faith that ultimately, I will heal my heel, and get out racing for a cure and hiking again. With only 107 days until my 3-Day, 60 mile walk, it has to happen soon.

Until then, Oh to be Hiking!!!!!!!