Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two Short Hikes Around Back Bay

I was back near Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and took a couple of short 3-4 mile hikes.

Hiking at Dusk
My first hike was Friday near dusk. Since the paths to False Cape are now closed until April, I could only hike a few miles - along some of the "boardwalk" paths through the marsh, then the mile out and mile back to the blind in the refuge. I didn't see any wildlife close up, except for the snout of a large turtle sticking out of a pond, but did see a rather nice sunset.

This boardwalk trail led to a pretty marsh view:

Pretty clouds over the marsh:

While hiking to a point with nice view of Back Bay that I like to visit, I could see that it wouldn't be too long until sunset:

After hiking a mile or so down to the wildlife observation blind, I got back to open vistas in time to see the last of the setting sun - so peaceful!

My second hike was Saturday afternoon, a cool and breezy gray day. I looped through part of the dike pathways, then walked out onto the beach and headed south for about a mile. I saw an American coot in one of the impoundments, and some sanderlings and gulls along the beach. That was about it for wildlife that was identifiable.
American coot:

Sanderlings making their living along the shore:

Gulls along the wave line:

Lonely beach on a gray day:

1 comment:

  1. A couple of nice walks you got in. Pictures of paths always make me want to go for a walk.
    I haven't seen much in the way of wild life on my walks.
    Beautiful sunsets!! They alone make the walk worthwhile.
    I don't get to walk along a beach very much but it is something I love to do.
    Have a great day Art!