Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Local Training Route

This season for my marathon training, I find myself doing a particular little route more and more often, because part of it goes through some woods and it feels a bit like a hike (other than it is usually pitch dark when I am training). But the other day, I got in some rare daylight training and took a bunch of pictures, especially of the little wooded section.

You can read about it and see the photos here.

This morning, I started before 5AM and it was so dark that I had to slow down on the trail part. But when there is a moon shining, there is plenty of light to pick my way along the trail with pretty good vision. As spring gets nearer, I know I will hear birds, frogs, and toads on this part of the route, and even see a rabbit run across the path in the predawn darkness, so it will feel even more like a mini-hike!


  1. yay for TNT! i am so jealous that you are in training right now, unfortunately my college budget only allows an event every few years, so for now i must live vicariously through other TNTers. might i recomment Hike for Discovery?

  2. Hi Cyndi - Sue - I love TNT, it is my 4th event and I try to do it every year to year and a half. the fundraising is tough. Good luck in college. Team Virginia doesn't do the Hike for Discovery, but I would love to do that some year if they ever do. I love to hike and to do that while raising money for LLS would be a great combination. Best wishes - Art