Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ginter Botanical Garden

I had a good excuse yesterday for sitting on my butt watching college basketball all of a beautiful spring afternoon - I had already run and walked 13 miles for half-marathon training and gotten lots of fresh air. But I didn't have that excuse this afternoon - an even nicer spring afternoon with temperatures in the 60's (F). So we spent a couple of hours leisurely walking around Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Even though only the early flowers and trees are in bloom right now, there is still plenty of color and beauty to see. It is a really nice garden, split between a large outdoors portion with plenty of interesting garden areas, habitats, and pathways and a really great "conservatory". Here are some photos from the afternoon. To see other spring photos from around Richmond, go to yesterday's post on my racing for a cure blog.

Photos from the outdoor gardens:
Photos from inside the conservatory - feast of colors for the eyes:


  1. Beautiful!!!! I'm so happy it's Spring!

  2. It was a fun and relaxing outing, with plenty of beauty.

    Oh, me too, Anne, me too! It is a pleasure to train with a little more light and with slightly milder temperatures. And to see some spring colors.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the spring flowers. So many are blooming already!!

    Wow 13 miles, that's quite a walk for one day.

  4. Glad you liked them HappyOne - I love the first colors after the browns and greys of winter. That is a really nice Botanical Garden if you are ever down this way.

    Yes, 13 miles is a long way on foot, and it was sobering that 14 months ago I was fit enough to go 26.2 miles, and 15-20 mile workouts were routine. Not now though - I am in something better than half marathon shape but less than full marathon shape. :)

  5. I always enjoy looking at the photos that you take! You help share parts of our country that I haven't visited yet.