Monday, June 8, 2009

Craggy Gardens

I decided to visit my son in Asheville, North Carolina for the weekend, both to see him for his birthday and to help him out with some things. So I got in the car after work Friday, loaded the CD player with music to keep me going during the long drive, and headed south. I drove until I was tired, spent the night in Hickory, and got there in the morning. After visiting for a while, we took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and ended up doing a short (0.7 mile up and 0.7 mile down) hike to the top of Craggy Gardens.

This has gorgeous views for minimal effort. It felt great to be back in the mountains! Here are some photos from this short hike - towards the end, there is a picture of something I've never seen on a hike before.

Rhododendron in Team in Training colors! Very appropriate, since I would be meeting the TNT Virginia cycle team the next day and cheering them on in the 100 mile Fletcher Flyer race. The next three shots show views from the top:
Aren't the Blue Ridge Mountains gorgeous?

Here is a shot of me with my turtle hiking staff that my sister gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

Looking north up the Blue Ridge Parkway from the top, it looked like a storm coming in.

View of the mountains from the lower overlook.

Close up of rhododendron bloom - so pretty!

The trail at times resembled a tunnel

This twisted tree made a nice "picture frame" for a large rock in the background

On my hikes through the hills I’ve trekked many a mile
Seen lots of wonderful things, and this one made me smile
For I’d never before seen a pretty bride-yet-to-be
Dressed in her white gown sitting high in a tree

View of Craggy Dome (elevation 6,085) from the trailhead parking lot (elevation 5,640)


  1. There are no words that would do those beautiful mountains justice. They are absolutely gorgeous.
    Love the twisted tree picture!!!

  2. Art that looks so beautiful! What stunning mountains, just gorgeous!!!! Flowers and trees were beautiful also!

  3. I just remembered your website! I am the bride in that picture you took!! My husband and I just celebrated one year of being married together!! It's neat to see your blog!