Sunday, July 26, 2009

A New Bird Species for Me

This morning, while doing my four mile walk along my favorite local training route, I heard a strange bird call while coming out of the woods. It sounded close by and up in a tree. I almost ignored it, but stopped and looked up. And there was a most beautiful bird, one that I have never seen before - a red headed woodpecker!

They are so striking, and it made a nice little extra-credit for getting up early and working out. It is not exactly like seeing a cougar or something quite that exotic, but I was still pretty thrilled. I get thrilled easily, I guess, by nature. I think most people would say "it's a bird" and walk away. Me, I watched that little guy for a minute or two until it flew off, and felt the richer for it.


  1. Great bird! I've never seen a red headed woodpecker. I always stop and look at birds. Sometimes I'll even watch a cardinal or a jay, even though they're very common, they're beautiful birds.

  2. I'm the same way. It was cool to see this one - so striking. I have wrens that made a nest in my herb pot of dill. I found out when I went to water it, and a wren flew out of this hump of pine needles on top of the pot. I looked in there through this hole and there were baby wrens. That is so neat.

  3. I stop and look at birds all the time. I can't believe that some people can just run right by and not notice what is around them.
    I've seen a red headed woodpecker too and they are beautiful!

  4. I feel privileged to have seen him, HappyOne.