Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Nature Trail at Back Bay

My second hike of the day was a very short one mile walk on a couple of nature trails in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. These trails involve a mixture of packed soil and “boardwalk” surface, and go through the zone between the marsh, wetland forest, and fresh and salt water. I don’t always see wildlife on these trails but do more often than not. I’ve blogged about this path several times in past hikes. Just search on “coastal” or "wetlands."

Here are some photos from this hike.

A good portion of the two nature trails I walked on go through very wet areas and have nice board walks to allow one to keep their feet dry.

Beautiful garter snake on the boardwalk path. I saw another garter snake a few minutes later. In this refuge, I have also seen cottonmouth, black rat snakes, a water snake, and a hognose snake.

Doesn't this make you want to take a hike?

Mother Nature sure knows how to dress up!


  1. I love the wooden bridge and yes it does make me want to take a walk. :-)

  2. Yeah, me too - just looking at the photos makes me want to lace up my boots! :)