Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

This afternoon was a perfect time to spend an hour or so walking around Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Among other things, the tulips are amazing, and they had beautiful glass artwork on display. Between this walk, my three mile training run this morning, yesterday's hiking at Great Falls, and Friday evening's six mile run / walk combination, I got a lot of great time outside since knocking off work Friday afternoon. But tomorrow, it is back to the office and being indoors.
Here are some photos from today's walk. The flowers were beautiful, the artwork so creative, and the weather perfect.
Firey tulips greet one at the garden entrance.
The tulip beds are incredible.

Nature is amazing, isn't it?
And so is human creativity, as demonstrated in the glass art pieces.
This goose is on her nest. I watched her turning her eggs. Behind her, turtles catch a few rays.
The botanical garden makes effective use of water for wildlife, vistas, and tranquility.
A tranquil and colorful path through the gardens is a delight.
Team in Training colors - purple, green, and white!
They also do a great job incorporating man-made features in the garden.
The oriental garden is especially tranquil, I think.


  1. The gardens are absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect too. Such a great time of the year!

  2. Makes two of us, Anne!

    Thanks Karen - yes they are such pretty gardens. I love this time of year.