Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Aerial View From My Laurel Forks Hike

In my post last weekend about backpacking in the Laurel Forks area of Virginia's George Washington National Forest, my last two photos were of a coniferous forest and of a "beaver bog" - a wetland created when beavers abandoned their pond and dam to Nature's force.  While standing in the forest, I sent an InReach message out, and when I looked at it back home, I thought that it was a pretty cool image.

So I am sharing it here, and you can compare it with the two photos in the post referenced above.  The red arrow in the lower right is where I was standing when I sent the message, and corresponds to the forest in the next to last photo.  The boggy area extending to the left (west) of that point is the "beaver bog" depicted in the last photo of the Laurel Forks blog post.

I again say - this looks far more like the northern wilds of Maine or Minnesota that it does of Virginia!

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