Friday, August 7, 2015

Bearfence Mountain

After my Wednesday hike to Lewis Falls in Shenandoah National Park, my ankle was hurting but not horribly, and I had time for one more short hike.  So I headed for Bearfence Mountain a few miles down the Skyline Drive, a place I've wanted to hike to for a long time.  The hike is just a mile round trip, which sounds easy, eh?  It is not!  It involves several tenths of a mile of scrambling up steep rock faces.  I had to use my hands as well as my feet, and put the trekking poles in my pack.  At times, especially coming down, I slid on my butt.  The incredible 360 degree view was well worth it.  I posted a 360 degree video on Facebook, but am not sure if I can do that here.  If you know how - comment and tell me.

Here are photos of my short, tough, and very scenic hike to Bearfence Mountain.

This was the beginning of the rocky section.

The "trail" led right up and over the rocks.  I had to go slowly and use caution.

Tough hike - but a million dollar view!  Here are a series of photos and panoramas from the 360 degree open top of Bearfence.

Looking back from the hike down - right down these rocks on my butt mainly, sliding under control!

Not easy at all, but take care, enjoy, and do it!


  1. That is a very long mile. : ) You are right though, what a spectacular view. Well worth the climb.

  2. Indeed it was, my happy friend!