Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cumberland Marsh Again

I'm behind again on posting about hiking.  This hike was done March 24.  I returned to Cumberland Marsh Natural Area - always a good spot to see birds and even other wildlife (such as two raccoons in the distance foraging in the marsh).  This time, I did a 4.4 mile out and back with a loop portion that went through the forest

but also had nice wetland views.

  I walked the loop counter-clockwise.  Here is a topographic map view and a satellite image view of the hike.  Arrows show the direction hiked.

I observed 14 species of birds on the hike, the coolest being the majestic bald eagle (two of them):

Some other wildlife that observed along the way were the white-throated sparrow (oh, such a beautiful, sweet song they have),

the silver spotted skipper,

and the falcate orange wingtip.

This is becoming one of my favorite places for a short hike when I don't have time to get to the mountains.  Can you see why?


  1. Great hike. Nice that is was a loop and you didn't have to back track.

  2. I really like hiking there, especially before the biting flies come out. I always see interesting things, and I liked taking the loop down by the marsh.