Thursday, September 6, 2018

Turkey Mountain in Tea Creek, WV Area

Weeks ago, my brothers and I got together for a couple of nights of camping in West Virginia.  I went up a day early so I could check out the Tea Creek area, which I've wanted to do for some time.  It is relatively close to the Cranberry Glades, where I backpacked several years ago.

Tea Creek is in east-central West Virginia, where the white star is.  There are no cities or even towns close by.

Here is the track, starting at my campsite at the red star and turning around on Turkey Mountain at the yellow star.  It took me a while to find my way.  See the yellow arrow?  That points to the trail as mapped.  You can see that the real trail swings well to the east of this before eventually joining back up.

The trail was about 5 miles total, climbing over 1,000 feet to the spruce covered top of Turkey Mountain.  I didn't see turkeys, but they are clearly in the area.

This big rock reminded me of a flower pot.

Can fall be far behind?

Turkey Mountain is about 4,000 feet elevation, and covered in spruce.

This is a large black cherry - very valuable for lumber.

Butterflies attracted to something - probably nasty - on the ground.

Camping was comfortable here.  I set up my little tent, had a good dinner, and relaxed before joining my brothers the next day.  I was glad to explore this area, and will plan to return.


  1. Pretty place to hike. We have those butterflies all over the place here at the house. They seem to like the gravel in our driveway for some reason.

    1. It was a nice hike. I always enjoy butterflies. Hope your new house is feeling like home now.