Friday, April 12, 2019

Return to Dutch Gap

A couple of days after the Texas Beach hike, I had a little time to return to Dutch Gap.  Unlike my last hike there, I didn't see quite as many birds, at least not within camera range, but here are some photos.

Even before I started walking, I spotted a muskrat swimming.  While I couldn't get a photo, I did take one of his house,

as well as one of a much larger beaver lodge nearby.

Near this area, many red-winged blackbirds were calling.

Later, I got a good look at a northern mockingbird.

I also saw several beautiful yellow-throated warblers.  Not as beautiful is this black vulture.  There were at least 30 of them gathered on a point - on the ground, on the roof of a shed, and in the trees.

A pair of ospreys nearby were nesting, and seemed upset by all of the vultures.  They would fly around and call, but one eventually returned to her nest.

Back at the parking lot after hiking - or strolling - 5.9 miles, I enjoyed the spring color provided by this redbud and magnolia.

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