Monday, July 28, 2008

Honest Abe

July 19, 2008. While not really a hike, I had to be in Kentucky for a couple of days for personal reasons and decided to see a bit of the history of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. I took very short (less than half miles each) strolls at his birthplace and boyhood home, and snapped a few photos:

A footpath near the "Great Emancipator's" birthplace, winding through the pretty Kentucky woods.

Lincoln lived as a boy in a cabin that was similar to this, believed to be the home of a family friend who saved little Abraham from drowning in a nearby stream.

Idyllic view of a garden behind the homesite.

Finally, I snapped a few shots of some butterflies - one is a tiger swallowtail - who were more intent on thistle nector than on me being near them:


  1. I was there just last year! I loved learning about Abe Lincoln!

  2. I've been here to a few years ago!!

    Thanks for giving me the link to this new blog. I enjoyed reading it!!

    I don't know if you have seen the links on my walking blog on the side bar or not, but I have links to two walks we took with The Wayfarers. One in England and one in Ireland.

    I can't walk in hiking boots. They never feel comfortable. I prefer to wear hiking shoes instead. I even had a pair of walking sandals.

  3. Anne - pretty neat places, a little nature interspersed with history. He was a great man!

    Happyone - I'm glad you liked it. I did see the links to your trips and probably should have commented earlier about them. They both looked liked fantastic trips. I would LOVE to do something like those. Also the Scotish Highlands would be wonderful to walk through. Of course the things I would love to do greatly exceeds both my budget and especially my vacation time allotment. :)

    I can never find a really comfortable pair of hiking boots it seems. If I ever hit the lottery, custom made hiking boots will be on my agenda, as will a walking trip to Ireland, one to England, one to Scotland, a Windjammer cruise off the Maine coast, a ..... :)

    To both of you, thanks for the comments.
    Carpe Diem! Art