Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wildlife Photos - Past Riprap Hollow Hikes

On my hike on June 29, I didn't see these animals (on the hike that is, obviously I saw a box turtle on the drive in). But I did take these photos on hikes in previous years along the Riprap Hollow circuit hike.

In 2005, I came upon this apparently very old box turtle in Cold Stream Hollow. Note the missing scutes on the left side of his shell:

In 2006, I encountered this white tail deer on the hike up Wildcat Ridge:

On the same hike, I found this pretty little flowering plant along the trail. No idea what it is. Yes, I know, it isn't an animal, but I wanted to include it anyway.

I saw this beautiful but dead luna moth in 2007 along the Appalachian Trail part of the hike:

I nearly stepped on this timber rattlesnake on the Wildcat Ridge Trail in 2004. I was more fascinated with my brand new GPS than I was with where I was putting my feet. But there was no harm to man or beast:

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