Monday, August 25, 2008

Destruction of Mountains, Right Here in the USA

If you are like me, you love mountains. Did you know that in Appalachia, mountains are being destroyed on a huge scale? The method of mining coal by litterally blowing the top off a mountain is leveling mountains, destroying stream valleys, and ruining communities. It is done on a huge, nearly unimaginable scale. More than 470 Appalachian Mountains have already been destroyed by mountaintop removal mining, according to I Love the Very few people are aware of this practice or the scope of it, and I would guess that politicians and coal companies want to keep it that way. Only if people get involved and turn up the political heat will there be a chance that this practice will end.

Want to learn more? Go to "I Love the Mountains". Also, you can sign up for more information in the sidebar of my blog, on the right. Just sign up in the portlet that is the I Love the Mountains Challenge. I encourage you to do so.


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