Monday, August 18, 2008

Hiking Posts in My Marathon Blog

In my other blog, Racing for a Cure, my primary focus is my marathon and fund raising activities for Team in Training, starting with the 2008 Arizona Marathon. My preparation for this event, and my blog, begins in July, 2007. Now that I am getting ready to start fund-raising and training for my next long distance race, that blog will become very active.

During my marathon training and also my time in Arizona, I got to do a few activities directly related to hiking. If they are of interest to you, you can access them in my other blog.

In July 2007, I spent several days hiking in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire with my brother and a friend. My brother and I celebrated 40 years since the first (and only) time that we had climbed Mount Washington.

In October, I had a couple of unusual training exercises. These included a hike up Mount Tremper in the Catskills with my brothers, and a twenty mile solo hike from Back Bay Wildlife Refuge to the North Carolina border and back.

Then following the marathon, I spent some time in Saguaro National Park and in the Sonora Desert Museum. Both are fantastic, and although I didn't feel like a long walk the day after doing a marathon, I really enjoyed seeing both of these places.

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  1. I'm glad you had a chance to go to the both places while at the marathon....I love the Desert Museum and its' location.