Friday, October 10, 2008

The Beach by Moonlight

Do you like moonlit walks on the beach? Well, I do, and Friday night, back at Sandbridge Beach for the weekend, I went for a mile and a half walk along the beach. The night was very breezy and a little hazy, but the half moon shining through the haze was bright enough to see fairly well as it cast a dim shadow.

One’s senses are sharpened in the dark, especially one's hearing. The waves loudly crashing on shore sounded wonderful, dominating the sounds along the beach. A large ghost crab ran across in front of me, and ended up running into the surf. Other than a couple of guys fishing in the dark, I saw no one. The salt air smelled great, and the strong breeze carried the salt off the sea. As Jimmy Buffet says, “The salt air, it ain’t thin, it will stick right to your skin.” This was especially true on the way back, walking back into the northeasterly breeze.

On the way back, I passed the fishermen again, and two more ghost crabs scuttled along the beach across my path. The shore and the ocean is a magical place at night.

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