Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sunday morning I got an early start again, and decided to hike along the Atlantic Ocean in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, looking for wildlife and shells along the beach. I ended up walking two miles down the beach, returning the same distance (duh!). Like the previous day, it was extremely windy. During my old sailing days in Maine, winds this strong would have had me leaving the boat at the mooring.

Walking the third of a mile to the beach from the parking lot, I caught a quick glimpse of a raccoon as he scuttled across the footpath and into the underbrush. Maybe I will see more wildlife today, although it will be tough to top yesterday’s river otter.

I got to the beach shortly after sunrise:

During my walk, I saw numerous gulls and sanderlings, as well as a few pelicans. The wind and waves created a loud sound, but it was still so peaceful to be on the beach in early morning. I saw not a soul until I was nearly back at the parking lot. Below is a sampling of some of the things that I saw while beachcombing

Gull flying over the surf:

"Mermaid Purses" - the egg cases of skates that have washed ashore:

Sea shells by the sea shore:


Sanderlings making their living along the surf line:

Dunes and dune grass silhouetted against an interesting sky:

Geese flying south for the winter

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