Friday, November 20, 2009

Short Michigan Hikes

I was in Michigan for a few days for my granddaughter's third birthday, and we took a couple of short hikes. Unlike the last time I went hiking with her, she was happy and cheerful, and did not wail like an air-raid siren. It was a joy to be with her and to do some little hikes. Some year, I hope to take a truly long hike with her.

The first hike was in a protected conservation area along East Traverse Bay, one of the many large bays along enormous Lake Michigan. A short hike through a pretty northern woods led to the bayshore. We explored the shore, looked at swans, and skipped stones. Here are a few photos.

Clouds along the bay shore

Conquering a rock

The shore was littered with thousands of freshwater clam shells. My guess is that raccoons eat well here.

At one point, there were seven swans a-swimming here, but I couldn't get them all framed

Looking north along the bay shore

Our other little hike was more of a romp. We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and climbed (and reclimbed) one of the dunes, then ran back down. She liked doing this, but was tired out from climbing in the soft sand and slept soundly on the way back to town - after eating some ice cream, of course.

My granddaughter and I rest during the dune climb. Today, she was the one needing the rest. Someday, it will be her waiting for me.

Running up the dune and having fun

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  1. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter.
    You and her are making happy memories for th e two of you.
    I'm visiting with my son in NJ tomorrow and get to see my two youngest grandkids. :-)