Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fairyland at the Botantical Garden

Last weekend(12/12), we were in Washington and went to the National Botanical Gardens, which is just amazing - especially at Christmas. They do these incredible displays where the buildings are all made from plant materials - no wood, metal, or plastic. Some are famous Washington buildings, others are whimsical scenes from nursery rhymes or they have a fairy land theme. I wish I could take my granddaughter to this! Pictures are worth 1,000 words, and so here you go. I'll keep the words short and defer to the photos.
US Supreme Court Building
A train running along the tracks in Fairyland
There was an old lady who lived in a shoe
The homes of the three little pigs, with the wolf approaching
Look at the creativity and artistry in these two settings
A fairy flying in front of a waterfall
Part of the charm of this exhibit is the beautiful trains that run along. Everyone there is just enthralled
A gypsy camp, complete with wagon (right), fire (center) and cottage (left)
The oh so creative caterpillar train, complete with antenna
Old man cactus in the desert exhibit
A beautiful orchid
The rain forest room
The Smithsonian Castle
The Garden's beautiful Christmas tree
The White House
Replica of neighborhood around Capitol Hill
Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, and, in the distance, the Lincoln Memorial
The US Capitol
The real US Capitol, from just outside the Botanical Garden's entrance


  1. Photos are absolutely beautiful! What a stunning display!

  2. Thanks Anne. It is such a beautiful and creative display they do. You see so many smiles walking through there. Art

  3. Those pictures are fantastic. I can see why you would like to bring your granddaughter there. I'm sure she would love it!