Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Missing Essential

Anyone who hikes knows about the 10 essentials. Well, as I prepare to pack my stuff for Seattle to race for a cure once more - in purple hair this time - I have to leave an essential behind.

While I am in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, places I have never been before, I want to do some hiking after the half marathon. So I am headed to Mt. Rainier National Park. I bought a trail guide and topo map. I picked out some great hikes, if my legs have recovered from the race. I found out that as of June 17, most of my planned great hikes are still buried in snow. Adjustments will be needed. And I started sorting through my hiking gear, making sure I have the ten essentials and the proper clothing.

Compass? Check! Map? Check! Matches? Check! No, uncheck! It turns out that you are not allowed to pack or carry matches in your luggage, even your checked luggage. So my hard-to-find strike anywhere matches are staying home. I will have to remember to buy some in Washington if I can find them. I also have emergency fire starters - cotton balls soaked in vaseline. But without matches, they are of limited us. I do have a chunk of metal that I got when I was 15 that will spark when you strike it with a knife, but matches are 1000% better. Oh, regulations! Daniel Boone never had this problem. Of course, he probably never had matches either!

Trip reports will follow at some point! I am excited to think of hiking in a brand new beautiful area.

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  1. Sounds great for you to be hiking some place new and different.
    Have fun and be careful!