Monday, June 28, 2010

Box Canyon and Nichol Creek Camp

Later in the day, it was time for another short hike along a different section of the Wonderland Trail, this one to the Nichol Creek Campsite after seeing a bit of the unique Box Canyon. There was a half mile nature trail around part of the box canyon and I followed it for a couple tenths of a mile to look at the unique features of the canyon. At some points, it was only about a dozen feet wide and, and it was about 100 feet deep. It was like nothing I remember seeing since something similar in Waterton National Park in Alberta. There was also some very beautiful scenery and pretty flowers in the vacinity,
as well as an artistically constructed stone bridge over the canyon.
I backtracked a bit and picked up the Wonderland Trail,
climbing steadily about 400-500 feet to get to a campsite at Nichol Creek in about a mile. This would be a perfect spot to backpack with a young child, because you feel like you are in wilderness but are only a mile from one’s car. The forest was beautiful along the way, and Nichol Creek was a lovely creek that was crossed on a split log bridge.
It was a nice way to end a day of hiking and amazing scenery. I’d hoped to see more wildlife in such a remote area, but just saw scenery. By the time I got back to my car, I had hiked more than 9 miles and had walked some more looking at scenery from the road that morning. What an amazing place this is!

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