Monday, October 11, 2010

Dusk and Dawn by the Marsh

A week after running in the Livestrong 5K, I was back at the beach during glorious October weather. I spent time Sunday afternoon reading on the beach, taking a walk along the shore - which I love doing - and watching many dolphins fishing out in the water. I also saw a large whale a couple of times as it swam with the dolphins. It was just a couple of hundred yards off the beach. What a magnificent animal!

That evening, I took a walk at dusk in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. I was reminded of being there this past May with my granddaughter. Definitely, I miss her! I remembered the spot where we were so close to a deer, and where she saw a turtle, and how happy she was. In the morning Monday, I was up early to greet the new day back in the marsh. These walks were less a hike than just being out in nature observing it, and I walked no more than four miles total on the two walks.

I have always loved being near wetlands. When I was a kid growing up in suburban Philadelphia, my dad used to take me sometimes to Tinicum Marsh near the airport. With all the marvelous birds, it seemed like a wilderness. I have always maintained that sense of wonder about being near a marsh. Here are some photos for my walks.

There is a cool boardwalk path you can walk along and view the marsh. These are as the sun was starting to set.

Bald cypress standing in water, which was much higher than my last time here.

From a point at the end of the footpath are great views of Back Bay.
The cresent moon says hello.

The sun set, and it was time to leave, but I enjoyed my short walk at dusk.

Monday morning, I was up minutes too late to see the sun rise.

I always love seeing the marsh in the still of the morning.

I came across this toad. He had an injured leg, so I placed him off the road. Hopefully, he will find a way to survive.

Fall colors are more subtle in wetlands than in the forest, but they are still present all the same.

I took a short walk at the beach in the refuge. I love walking on the beach near first light. From this point, it is pristine beach all the way to the North Carolina border. If you are willing to walk 20 miles round trip, you can see all the "McMansions" at the border. I know, because I made this walk three years ago in October.

I found this whelk shell and this horseshoe crab on the beach.

Then I watched sanderlings trying to find breakfast in their daily struggle for survival. I like the way the birds are reflected in the wet sand in this photo, and the way I managed to catch the foamy wave behind them.

Time to go get some breakfast myself! I bet some creature is making a good meal from these persimmons!

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  1. I can just picture myself walking along there. Pictures look great.
    The little toad blends in so well!