Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Splash of Color on This Winter Day

Back in November, I took my final fall color hike of 2010, but could not post the pictures because I couldn't find my camera's USB cable. Well, that hasn't changed, but I bought an SD card reader, so here are some photos from that hike.
My hike did about a seven mile loop along the James River, and for much of the time, you would not know that you were near a big city. Here is the start of the hike, along the North Side Trail.
The trail at first was adjacent to Maymont, and this burst of fall color appeared quickly:
And this pretty scene at Maymont's Japanese Gardens begged for a photo:
At this point, the trail climbed steeply over some switchbacks and headed through a residential neighborhood for about a half mile. This tree was at one of the switchbacks:
Back in the woods, this little maple was pleasant to the eyes:
The trail passed by two cemetaries. This one is the beautiful Hollywood Cemetary, sometimes called "The Arlington of the Confederacy" and site of at least one hilly Team in Training run each season:
As I neared the Robert E. Lee Bridge to cross over to Belle Isle, I had a view of Tredegar Iron Works with Richmond just beyond:
The Hollywood Rapids are always inspirational to see. Belle Isle is my favorite spot in the city, and is also my favorite Team in Training workout. We do that run at least once a season as well:
After crossing the other half of the river from Belle Isle, I headed north along the Buttermilk Spring Trail, so named because dairymen of old would put their jugs of milk in the spring to keep it cool:
This beech forest could have been in New England:
As could this rocky ledge, all just a couple of miles from a large city center, and closer still to neighborhoods:
I crossed back over the James over the Boulevard Bridge just at sunset. If I had $25 for every time I have run or walked over this bridge during Team in Training runs, I could take a pretty nice trip!


  1. So nice to see some color in these pictures. I was just thinking today how tired I am of seeing shades of brown every day when I walk.
    Thanks for the color. :-)
    Looks like a wonderful place to hike.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, Karen. Things are drab this time of year. But I read in our paper today that about a half mile upriver from where that hike began and ended, a pair of bald eagles are rebuilding a nest. So that would be a little bit of dramatic color even in the winter with those white heads. I hope to see them soon. Art