Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More on Goals...

The other day, I made a list of my hiking goals for the new year.  Since being able to hike means good fitness, you can see a list of my fitness goals for 2013 here on my other blog.

My racing and fitness goals for 2012 were kind of a flop.  Training for the 2012 Shamrock Half Marathon, which I wanted to run as a 10 year cancer survivor, ended up causing me a lot of pain in my left knee.  I did persevere and complete that race, but my knee has bothered me since, and I have stopped running at the end of March for now.  Even so, the knee pain continues to trouble me.  So I'll see how far I get with my 2013 goals.  The knee pain sure didn't keep me from hiking last year.

As I have told people, I like to run, but I LOVE to walk and hike, so if it means no longer running in order to keep walking, I am okay with that.

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