Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dog Falls in Glen Affric

After our short morning hike to the falls on the River Moriston, we continued driving up to lovely village of Drumnadrochit, arriving early afternoon on Tuesday, May 20.  We found the Bed and Breakfast that we would stay in for two nights - the amazingly great Rowan Cottage, which I highly recommend - and then my sister-in-law suggested driving into Glen Affric for a hike to spectacular Plodda Falls.

If I could miraculously be sent back to Scotland for just one day, it would be back to Glen Affric with all of my hiking gear, where I would hike all day, rain or shine.  It is supposed to be the most beautiful glen in all of Scotland, and there are lochs and forest paths all over, as well as some mountains. The road in from Cannich is slow and single track, meaning wide enough for one vehicle at a time with turn-outs to allow passing.  We somehow missed the turnoff for Plodda Falls and decided to hike to Dog Falls instead.

The weather was the best of the entire trip - mostly sunny and temperatures in the low 60's, the warmest day by far of the 8 or 9 that we were in Scotland, and one of only two mostly sunny days.  The map below shows the hike location at the blue arrowhead just left of center.  You can see Loch Ness to the east.  You can drive as far as Loch Affric, which must be beautiful and has a 10 mile trail circumnavigating it.
We parked the car at the car park / picnic area along the picturesque stream and started hiking, passing this nice stand of birch trees - probably my favorite tree - in a while.  Shortly after this, the lassies decided to turn back and spend time chatting at the picnic area, and the laddies continued hiking.
Here is a view of the stream as it flows towards the River Glass, Loch Ness, and, ultimately, the North Sea.
Dog Falls is not a huge waterfall, unlike the Plodda Falls that was our original goal, but it was nice all the same as it pours through a narrow rock chute.
After seeing the falls, my brother-in-law and I decided to continue to the Coire Loch viewpoint.  This is a small, circular loch nestled in the forest.  There were nice open views along the way.  It was very scenic.
Here is the nice view of Coire Loch that we attained for some minor climbing.
And here is a panorama of the area at the viewpoint of the loch.  It was so pretty there.
Can you see why I would love to return to Glen Affric and hike some more?


  1. So nice to see the beautiful countryside of Scotland. I've been reliving happy memories of Scotland.

  2. I am glad that you are enjoying this.