Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just a Number

Although 60 is not the new 30 - no matter who says what - it is true that age is just a number.  Exhibit A: look at the photo below.  It probably does not look remarkable - two men on a trail in the mountains.

Now, look again - the mountain in the back is Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the highest mountain east of the Mississippi and north of North Carolina.  It is a tough slog up there - trust me!  Look at the men - the guy in the orange hat is my friend Dick.  He is 89 and a half, and at the end of the second day of a three day hike up there last week with his grandson.  He goes every year, and plans on doing it when he is 100.  I plan on joining him on that one!

Exhibit B.  Well, I think Exhibit A is enough.  No matter your age, enjoy life and do things while you can, because some day, there is a guarantee for every single one of us that we will no longer be able to do the same things, or anything for that matter.  So get out there and enjoy the beautiful things in nature every chance you get.

Seven years ago, by the way, it was my younger brother and I that made this trip with Dick.  Strolling down memory lane, here are a few photos from July 2007.


  1. Wow, good for Dick. He is an inspiration to us all.
    Oh my those last two pictures - breathtaking.


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  3. Yes, he is Karen. I am glad he is still hiking at 89. He tells me that he may be the first 90-something year old to make that hike when he does it next year.

    Regarding my photos, yeah, that was a fabulous time in 2007 up in the Whites. Art

  4. Steve - while I appreciate the visit and you taking the time to comment, I don't see where it has anything at all to do with what I posted. Art

  5. hi! You have givin me a perspective I didn't think or imagine I ever get. So you had breast cancer? or what type? Your blog is full of info and I am glad you hiked after your porta cath got put in. Now they have what is called a Power Port and it is completely under my skin to lessen infection. It works great. They have a bell fasten to the wall in my hospital's infusion room {which is gigantic } and there is a plaque next to the bell that says: "If you have completed your last chemo then ring this bell and run like hell"

    Oh I am soooooooo anxious to ring that bell!

    Thanks for coming to my blog.