Friday, July 4, 2014

How am I Doing with my 2014 Hiking Goals?

Happy Independence Day!  Hurrah for the Red, White, and Blue!

At the start of the year, I set some hiking goals for myself for 2014.  With the year now half over, I wanted to assess how I am doing on these.  Here is my report.

Hike 8 new places this year - I've done 7 and should hit 8 tomorrow!  On track!

Hike 5 times in Shenandoah National Park or the area.  I've done two hikes there this year, one in the park and one just south.  So I am little behind.  But I should reach # 3 tomorrow to get back on track.

Hike in two states not hiked in during 2013, and one of these must be a state I have never hiked in.  I hiked in West Virginia in April, a state I never have hiked in before.  So I am partway there.

Hike in a foreign country.  I went hiking in Scotland in May.  That goal is reached.

Volunteer to lead a hike.  Not yet, behind schedule.

Go backpacking three times.  I have done two trips, a one-nighter by myself in Laurel Forks, and a three nighter in the Cranberry Wilderness of West Virginia.  So I am on track with this goal.

Practice navigation (without a GPS) and orienteering.  No progress on this goal.

Hike at least 110 trail miles.  I am up to 69, so am on track to pass that mark and plan on it.

Keep this blog going.  Yup, doing that.

So overall, I am doing well but really shirking on two goals.


  1. You're doing great on you goals. Good luck on completing them all.

  2. Pretty well. There a couple I am struggling with but I am ahead on others. I will just keep on keeping on.