Friday, April 15, 2016

Best Back Country Breakfast Ever!

There were a number of great things my recent False Cape State Park backpacking trip,  It was as flat as you can get, and I'd only have to carry my relatively heavy pack in and out, since I'd be setting up a base camp.  There would be drinkable water at a spigot, so I would not need a water filter.  Therefore, I carried a few things in my pack that I might not normally bring, and one of them was my little fry pan for my Jet Boil stove.  I'd bought the pan last year and had not yet used it.  Finally, the site provided a picnic table, a super luxury when one is backpacking.  (There also were his and her outhouses, with hand sanitizer, another nice plus).

It being cool, I packed in a couple of tablespoons of butter in my food bag.  I carried in some Hungry Jack pancake mix - you only need to add water - and some real maple syrup.  And I used my stove and fry pan to make pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning!  So yummy!

I could only make one pancake at a time, and I would eat it at the picnic table while making the next.  Because the stove burns so hot - it is called Jet Boil after all - it's best use is for boiling water rapidly.  But in this case, by experimenting and turning it down low, I was able to make some really good pancakes.  Being able to sit at a table with the stove just off to my side while having my plate in front of me made the process pretty easy.  I used some of the butter to lubricate the pan, and the rest went on the pancakes.  Here is a pancake in progress...

And here it is after flipping it.

The frosting on the cake came when Mike, the leader of the Hampton Roads Hikers group that was camping around me, came over to my site carrying a hard boiled egg!  "Here," he said.  "We are having duck eggs for breakfast, and I made you one."  It was still warm, and such a treat.  I've never had fresh eggs in the back country.  This was truly a breakfast that will be hard to top!


  1. Wow making pancakes for breakfast. What a treat that must have been.
    I've never eaten a duck egg. Any difference in taste?

  2. It was a treat. Usually a backpacking breakfast is a power bar or similar ilk. To me, the egg tasted just like any other hard boiled egg, although it was maybe a bit better being eaten outside.