Sunday, November 6, 2016

Black Rocks

A week or so after the Hickory Hollow hike, I hiked at Dutch Gap again.  I've posted about that hike so many times that I won't write about it this time, because I didn't see anything unusual.  But two weeks ago, my wife Mary, my step-sister Cora, and I spent the day together driving up the Skyline Drive.  As part of that, we took a short hike into Black Rocks for the great scenery.  I thought I would put out a couple photos.  I'd not been there since this backpacking trip five years ago.

This woolly bear caterpillar was booking it when we got to the trail head.

Views of Furnace and Austin Mountains from Black Rocks.  I backpacked down in there five years ago.

The mountain on the right is Trayfoot Mountain, also part of my 2011 backpacking trip.

Dead trees like this are vital to woodpeckers and other wildlife.

Okay, now I am only two hikes behind in my blogging!

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