Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh, Deer!

This morning, I went to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge again for a short hike of maybe 3 miles. I bought a new pair of hiking boots last week and am trying to break them in prior to a more serious hike. This hike seemed like just the ticket. Unlike my hike here of two weeks ago, I saw a fair amount of wildlife: a garter snake, two aquatic turtles, an egret, lots of warblers, and two white-tailed deer. Here are a few photos, starting with cattails in the marsh.
Bald cypress cones high in a tree.
Catching a few rays in a small freshwater pond.
This shrub was covered with beautiful white flowers along the trail.
Ripe persimmons ready for the picking, if you can climb that high.
I am not sure what this flowering aquatic plant is, but it was very pretty.
Near my turn-around point, I saw these two deer. They were wary but never did run, eventually just trotting off as I walked past them.


  1. They are out and about this time of year. Beautiful shots.

  2. Thanks Roherbot. They have a short hunting season in the fall in the refuge, so these two need to be a lot more wary to survive that.

  3. You captured some really great pictures on your walk.
    The cattails which i call punks are especially nice.
    Love the deer.

  4. Thanks Karen. I liked the cattails, too. The deer were very pretty. I especially like the one with the one behind the other.

  5. The shrub with white flowers is one of my favorite natives, saltbush, so named because it usually grows on the the edge of the marsh, but not exclusively.