Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Am I?

I saw this creature during my hike on the Malvern Hill Battlefield Sunday.  This should be an easy one for you!

My fur is brown, and smooth as silk
I feed my babies creamy milk

On full alert is my life's fate
Else I am on a dinner plate

For many creatures seem to feel
That I would make a tasty meal

When hungry fox in stealth appears
I should hear him with my long ears

I like to hop and run with speed
And propogate, with zest, my breed

I run fast; you're soon forgotten
All you'll see is fluff of "cotton"

OK, my creativity is low tonight for me to write more verses, so take your guess and scroll down.  I think you have enough clues, anyway.  C'mon, you got this one!



If guessing well is your habit
You have guessed cotton tail rabbit!

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