Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Am I?

I saw this animal on last Friday's hike in the Petersburg National Battlefield.  Although some may be terrified of this little creature, I thought it was beautiful.  I have seen it before, but less than a dozen times in my life.  Can you figure out what it is?

I'll quickly make the first clue known:
I have a long and fine backbone

And here's the next clue you've been told:
Unlike your blood, my blood runs cold

I have no legs, but move with ease
And cross the ground just as I please

My ribs and scales are what I use
To move around.  Does that amuse?

If you should grab me, I'll feel fright
But you'll fear not: I shall not bite

But should a foe bite me in haste
My musk will give him great distaste

A brownish stripe runs down my back
I may look drab, and beauty lack

But think no beauty? Don't be quick
For underneath, I'm red as brick

for the

If you have guessed red bellied snake
Then this, the right choice, you did make

I saw this beautiful little snake right in the middle of the path.  This is an adult, believe it or not, as they are a very small animal.  Unlike many snakes, even small ones, this species will not bite you.  But I could smell the foul smelling musk he sprayed on my hand when I picked him up.  He was quite cool to the touch, as he was not in a sunny spot.  I am sure he was scared, so I just held him for a few seconds so I could snap a photo of his beautifully colored belly.  The first photo was as I saw him in the path.

 After I put him down, he very slowly moved off the path and amoung the leaves.


  1. I didn't guess it but I have seen one of these.
    He does a very pretty belly. : )

  2. They are a beautiful little creature.