Saturday, November 17, 2012

Poll Results

A few weeks ago, I did a poll asking what things you could not bear to leave behind if you were going on a backpacking trip.  You could choose up to three things.  Here is what people picked, with seven people responding:

Changes of underwear - 6
Camera - 6
Hot chocolate, coffee, or tea -4
Hatchet - 2
Lightweight binoculars - 1
Field guide - 1
iPod or other music device - 1
Paperback novel - 1
Small gas fired backpacking stove - 0

On the second day of my Mount Rogers pack trip last month, I actually saw a guy with one of the stoves.  It seemed like a lot of extra weight, but they were sure enjoying the little pizzas he baked, and the cinnamon buns he was planning for two mornings later sounded very tempting.


  1. Looks like we are happy it we are wearing clean underwear and have our camera along with us. : )
    All those time our moms told us to have clean underwear on must have sunk in. : )

  2. Mom turned out to be right more often than she was wrong, eh? :)