Sunday, October 28, 2012

Poll - What Couldn't You Bear to Leave Behind?

I'll try another poll.  This works whether you backpack or not.  If you don't just visualize what you could not do without for a three day hike, and also visualize your pack getting heavier with each thing you add.

So, you are preparing for a three day backpacking trip.  Let's assume there is plenty of water on your route.  You have the 10 essentials* in your pack.  You would never hit the trail without these, right?  You have a tent and a sleeping bag, your little stove, cooking gear, and a comfortable sleeping pad.  You have meals for three days, and an extra shirt and clean socks.  You have a little kit with sanitary items.

So consider this list of items.  If you had room for just three of these, which three would you take?  What could you not bear to leave behind for three days.  In the poll, vote for no more than three items.

hot chocolate, coffee, or tea
changes of underwear
lightweight binoculars
field guide
small gas-fired bake oven
iPod or other music device
paperback novel

* The 10 essentials, even for a day hike, are:
headlamp (with batteries)
first aid kit
emergency trail food
two sources of fire
knife (or multi-tool)
water bottle and purification method
insulation (jacket)
topographical map and compass
raingear (not a reindeer - RAIN GEAR!)


  1. I would pick
    paperback novel
    changes of underwear

  2. I'm pretty much with you on that, although I would substitute the tea for the book. Or maybe the binoculars if it were a wildlife rich area.