Sunday, October 7, 2012

Short Hike at the Marsh

We went to Tidewater Virginia for the day to see the Virginia Opera perform "The Pearl Fishers" by Georges Bizet, which was excellent.  But I also had nearly an hour, while down there, to hike in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  It was a bleak and windy day, and minutes after I got back to the car, the skies opened up.

My little hike covered the trail around some wetlands, a small pond, and out to Back Bay itself.  Then I wrapped things up by heading down to the wild beach for a few minutes.  I snapped a few photos along the way:

Even the marsh is showing its fall colors:
I had to zoom to maximum digital zoom to capture this forlorn looking great blue heron perched in a tree.
I think these are persimmons.  I'm surprised that something hasn't eaten them - a raccoon or a possum, for example.
A solitary figure walks on the beach:
Sea oats at the top of a dune blow in the wind.


  1. I love the lone walker on the beach. : )

    I came across a snake up at Happy Trails and posted the picture on my photos blog. I don't think you read that blog of mine but would you mind going there and see if you know what kind of snake it is? Thanks.

  2. They look like persimmons, but it has not been cold enough yet to make them tasty.