Thursday, October 18, 2012

Antipasti - Cabin Creek Trail

October 11, 2012
The appetizer to my four day backpacking trip around Mount Rogers was the lovely Cabin Creek Trail, a 1.9 mile nature hike loop.  Hawkeye and I left the car and the packs, and used this hike as a leg stretcher after the long drive down from Richmond the night before.  It was perfect, with some ups and downs, and fantastic forest and stream views.  And like the appetizer to a great meal - or in my case, the antipasti to an Italian feast - it made us anticipate the trails to come over the next four days.

Here is the route, and the elevation profile:

The hike is not hard (especially without packs), but you can see that you gain and lose several hundred feet.

The autumn woods are so beautiful.  You can see that we had beautiful weather.

Quadruple Cabin Creek Falls is at the turn around point of the trail.

This perspective looks down upon a small waterfall.

I love the sound and look of a stream gurgling merrily through the forest.

Cabin Creek, and Hawkeye, make their way through the forest.

The hike back moves away from the stream, but the views of the lovely autumn woods continue.

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