Saturday, November 24, 2012

Steps Update

As I mentioned earlier, I started counting my steps on July 20, a few days after my 61st birthday.  I want to see how many steps I take in a full year.  Since then, my pedometer wore out and I got a new one.  I thought it would be fun to give a little progress report one third of a year in.

After four months, I've taken over 1,707,000 steps, an average of 13,880 a day.  My days vary quite a bit, some being lower and some much higher.  I had 24 days when I took less than 10,000 steps, and 12 days when I took more than 20,000 steps.

My five biggest days:

October 13 - 32,604 steps (hiking in the Little Wilson Creek Wilderness)
October 20 - 31,255 steps (hiking up Rocky Mount in SNP)
October 11 - 29,955 steps (hikes to Cabin Creek, up through the Virginia Highlands, and to Mount Rogers)
September 27 - 28,761 steps (hiking up Mount Robertson in SNP)
October 12 - 28,601 steps (hiking in the Lewis Fork Wilderness)

I think I am on track to cross five million steps this year of my life!


  1. That's quite a lot of steps for one day.

    I just looked on my pedometer and it says in the past 30 days my average was 16049. My steps are pretty consistent from day to day.

  2. I'm trailing behind you, I'd better get a move on! ;^)