Friday, September 6, 2013

Planning a Long Hike

The guys who I went backpacking with in June on Shackleford Banks and I were talking the other week about doing a fall trip "somewhere" (which is a great place, by the way!)  We are thinking of maybe a 4 day trip, carrying all of our gear and camping out along the trail for three nights.  But where? 

We've been discussing this lately more and more, and decided that we would each pick a spot this weekend, and then we will discuss the three choices next week and come to a decision.  We are thinking about a place that would be rugged country and within a five hour drive, which could mean up to western Pennsylvania, somewhere in the Blue Ridge or Allegheny Mountains of Virginia, or a number of places in West Virginia.  So part of this lovely fall weekend, I'll be thinking about my proposal for this trip.  I may even get in a hike before work starts again, but given 12 miles for Team in Training early tomorrow, it may not be a long one - or it may not even happen.

It will be interesting to see what we come up with.  I may have to gear back their enthusiasm a bit.  They were coming up with the Adirondacks (best case an 11 hour drive) and the White Mountains in New Hampshire (best case 14 hour drive).  I kept saying "four to five hour drive, guys!"  We shall see, though.


  1. A fall hike sounds nice and it will certainly beautiful which ever place you guys decide on.