Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Shackleford Bank Trip's Posts

It took me a while to get them all written, but here is a summary of my posts for my two night backpacking trip last month on Shackleford Banks, a nine mile long uninhabited barrier island off the southern North Carolina coast:

An overview of my trip can be read here.  I hoped for scenic beaches, low crowds, great shells, and cool wildlife, and Shackleford Banks sure delivered!

After a few weeks eagerly anticipating the trip, the day arrived and the three of us headed out to the island on a water taxi out of Beaufort.

On my first day there, we focused on hiking to a nice spot to camp (where we could drop off our water).  Then, I did some beachcombing and exploring.

All of us hoped that we would see the famous wild horses, known as "bankers," and we were not disappointed.

Day two on the island started off right with a nice sunrise.

My second full day on the island involved walking - lots and lots of walking!

After a threatening storm somehow missed us, we went out looking for wild horses again, and got another good look at these tough animals.  Plus, I saw an interesting sunset.

Ending a trip can be bittersweet, but while we had a great time, all of us were glad to get back to civilization - and especially, to shade!  First, we had to hike back out as the tide rushed in.

And now, for some mystery guests!  Can you guess these animals I saw?

This one is beautiful, but deadly!

This one flits like a ghost along the coast!

This one is a drab looking shorebird - until it flies, and then it is quite distinctive!

This one has more arms than you or I do.

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