Sunday, July 7, 2013

What Am I?

Here is the second "What Am I?" riddle from my backpacking trip on Shackleford Banks....

You ever think you've seen a ghost
While walking on the sandy coast?

While not a ghost, my color's pale
I have a shell, but not like snail

I've eight fast legs to move around
But spend much time below the ground

For in the sand I dig a hole
I won't come out, though you cajole

But in the darkness of the night
When the conditions are just right

I'll leave the safety of my lair
And hunt for something to ensnare

By heading down to the dark sea
To search for food.  No guarantee

I won't become someone's quick meal
And if I do, there's no appeal

Perhaps you think I'm large spider
Think again, think hard and wider

Now this last clue should give you pause
I'm armed with two strong pinching claws

Think hard,
enough clues
and I think
you have more
than a ghost of
a chance with
this one.
for the

Should you say that I'm a ghost crab
Then the answer you sure did grab!

One sees these crabs often during the day, usually very close to the borrows.  But come out at night, and you will see them all over the place, heading down to the water to hunt, and I suppose, to breed.  I once saw a big one with a much smaller one in its claws.  Life is not easy or gentle for these animals.

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