Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Am I?

Here is the fourth "What Am I?" riddle from my backpacking trip on Shackleford Banks....

I live out on the ocean's floor
But you might find me on the shore

I have five arms, while you have two
Mine are different from those of you

My arms are covered with tube feet
By which I move, and help me eat,

Because my tube feet do real well
When pulling open a clam's shell

My phylum name means "spiny skin"
Sea urchins are among my kin

For yes, I will with pride confirm
Indeed, I'm an echinoderm!

I think
that should
be enough
clues for you.
Take your
guess and
for the answer!

Did you finish ahead of par
And guess I'm a fine sea star?

I saw a number of these sea stars (commonly called star fish, although a fish they are not) washed up on the beach and thought they were really striking.  I shared a few photos of my hike with a coworker, and she liked this one so much she is using it as wallpaper on her computer.  Mother Nature arranged everything so artfully, don't you think?


  1. Oh yes, that is beautiful.
    I did guess a star fish but I've never seen one like this. Such a pretty color. The ones I've seen are just a brownish color.

  2. Mother Nature as an artist! I'd never seen one like this before that I can recall.