Sunday, July 7, 2013

What Am I?

It's been four weeks since I was backpacking on Shackleford Banks, and it is past time to document some of the other wildlife that I saw on the two days I was on the island.  I plan on three or four of these posts to wrap up my Shackleford Banks experience.  Here is the first one.  See if you can figure it out.  I saw about 5-6 of these dead on the beach.  I saw a live one once in Bermuda.  It an animal you want to stay away from, despite its beauty.

Beyond the waves I gently float
Perhaps I look like tiny boat

My body's purple with some pink
I look so lovely, you may think

But you should take another look
By cover, do not judge this book!

There's more to me than purplish float
And if you're wise, you will take note

Don't get too close, for here's the thing:
I will inflict a deadly sting!

Far below the water's surface
Are tentacles with deadly purpose

I hope that
this gives you
enough clues.

for the

Here, then, I am, washed up on shore:
Deadly Portuguese man 'o war!

Here are two of the specimens that I found.  The colors are beautiful, but even lying on the beach, their long tentacles can pack a deadly sting.

If I recall correctly, this species is not a single animal, but more like a colony of animals.  Finding so many of these washed up would make me very alert upon swimming in this area!

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