Monday, June 17, 2013

Shackleford Sunrise

Sunday June 9.
After seeing the wild horses the evening before, we had dinner at our campsites - mine was a commercial backpacking meal in a bag, no clean-up, just pack the trash out - we went back down to the beach.  There was a really nice sunset, but my camera was back in camp.  If I get photos from Chris or Carl, I will post them.  The air felt great with the sun down.  I took off my still-damp shirt for a while and enjoyed the breeze.  There were a lot of clouds but we could see some stars later.

On Sunday morning, I was awake by 5:30 and left my tent to walk on the beach.  This time I took my camera and got some shots of the sun coming up over the island's east end.  It was wonderful being on the beach at this time of day.  After the sun was up, I did a couple of miles beachcombing and found some shells.

Here are some photos of the sunrise.

 If you look carefully, lower dead center, you will see the Cape Lookout Lighthouse - about seven miles away.  Click on any photo to enlarge it.


  1. Beautiful sunrises. I love it when the colors are blues and pinks.