Friday, June 21, 2013

Dutch Gap Wildlife

I had the day off, and lots to do, but I made the time for a leisurely five mile hike at the Dutch Gap Conservation Area oxbow.  I've posted about hikes there several times before, such as this one about seven months ago.  My goal was to see wildlife, and I did see a fair amount of wildlife, especially at the start of the hike.  Plus, I had a nice walk in a pretty area where the riverine and wetland environments are seldom far away.  I didn't get all the things done later that I had hoped to do, but definitely do not regret taking this hike today.

Here are some photos.

I think this is a brown snake, but am not sure. 

The great blue heron fishes with patience and ambush from the water,
while the osprey is death from the sky for fish.  In a span of about 45 seconds, three osprey dove into the water here after fish.
The hike around the oxbow is 4.4 miles (longer if you take the many side trails, as I did) and passes by river areas,
through forests,
and ponds and wetlands.
 This large aquatic turtle has dug a hole to lay her eggs in.  I stayed my distance, as I didn't want to interfere with her bringing the next generation into the world.


  1. Ah that reminds me of my lake!
    What a cute little snake!!

  2. Nice finds! I can't say for sure, but I believe that snake you found is a rough earthsnake.