Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can I Reach 5 Million?

Last summer, a few days after my birthday, I thought it would be cool to see how many steps I take by the time I hit my next birthday - or, to be fair, until a few days after my upcoming birthday, which will be #62.  Since I started counting on July 19, 2012, I will end my count at the end of the day on July 18, 2013.  That gives me 30 more days, including today (which was a good day with over 21,000 steps as of 8:30) to see how many steps I can take.

So it is cool to report that I am within striking range of 5 million steps in my 62nd year.  In fact, as of the end of yesterday, I am only 375,000 steps short of the 5 million mark.  If I average 12,507 steps a day for today and the next 29 days, I will reach that mark.

I am sure I will do it, barring illness or injury.  In fact, I am going to see if I can reach it by my actual 62nd birthday, which would mean averaging about 13,900 steps a day, including today.

I am excited about my next birthday because I will be able to get a lifetime National Parks pass for just $10!  That is the best bargain going.  So I'd like to qualify for that by hitting the 5 million step count.  As I told a friend today, I am OK with being an old person, as it far beats the alternative.  But I don't want to move like an old person!

5 Million, here I come!

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