Saturday, May 10, 2014

Three Lake Park

I had yesterday (Friday) off, and all week, I planned to go up to Shenandoah National Park to take a hike.  Thursday night, as I lay in bed getting ready to drift off, it suddenly hit me that I had forgotten to pick up my packet for Saturday's race for the cure!  So I altered my plans a lot Friday.  I took care of some chores, including getting my race packet.  But I still made time for a hike at a local park, Three Lakes Park.  My route on this very warm day was maybe 2.5 miles, and I walked around each of the three ponds, such as this one.
This painted turtle was enjoying getting some rays on his perch.
The park has an excellent nature center that includes a very large aquarium.  It is good for all ages, but especially for kids.
My walk was largely over at this point.  You can see a bridge crossing a stream with one of the ponds behind that.  It was a very pleasant walk.  Very few people were there on a work day and a school day.
Since I was a boy, I always like coming across sassafras in the woods.
This skink was one of several that I saw on this stretch of the trail.  They are pretty cool, and hard to get a good look at.
My little trek was not as grand as my original plans, but you know, any time spent walking in a pleasant woods is time well spent, and I didn't have to drive two hours or so each way.  SNP will be there for another hike, one where I do my advance planning and don't forget something else.


  1. I really like walking by water.
    Love the turtle.

  2. Me too, on both accounts. I have always been fascinated by turtles.