Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cape May Point, a Year Later

Last September, I did some minor hiking in the Cape May, NJ area, and now a year later, I was back and had time for a short three mile hike in Cape May Point State Park this past Tuesday.  It is a wonderful park with easy and well marked (with interpretive signage) trails.  Other than just enjoying some time in the out of doors, I was on the watch for flowers, monarchs, and wildlife.  And I saw plenty of all three.  In fact, I will do a future post on another "What Am I?" creature that I saw.

Here are some photos from my short but pleasant hike in the Garden State a few days ago.  I am not going to write a lot today.  I will let the photos do the talking for me.  Mother Nature was dressed for show on this lovely September day in Cape May!

There are great views from the top of the Cape May lighthouse.

While I didn't get any photographs of monarchs as they headed south, I was plenty of them during my stay at the Cape.  I marveled at these tiny creatures, preparing to fly across the huge Delaware Bay and then a couple of thousand miles more to their wintering place in the mountainous pine forests of Mexico.  How do they do it?  How do these creatures, with a brain the size of a pin head, find this place that they have never been to?  In fact their parents were not there, and I don't think that their grandparents were either.  Somehow, they do it, against all odds.  It seems miraculous!


  1. Oh what beautiful pictures - all of them!!
    Love that lighthouse and the swan is my favorite of all.
    It is amazing about the monarchs. We can only explain it by saying it's a God thing. : )

  2. Thanks. It is such a wonderful place to walk and observe nature. New Jersey gets a bad rap sometimes. I kept trying to get a photo of a monarch but they moved too quickly each time. Amazing for sure!

  3. I'm grew up in NJ and left when I got married. I lived in Northern NJ in a little town called Waldwick. Most people judge NJ by the turnpike!