Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hackleman Old Growth Grove (Oregon)

On Tuesday, August 11, we had time after the hike up Iron Mountain to visit the Hackleman Old Growth Grove.  This was only about a one mile loop, so I am not going provide a topo map, but it was fascinating because the Douglas fir here were up to 500 years old - basically seedlings when Chris Columbus came over this way!

I guess since I finally had a day of hiking without falling, something had to happen, and it did.  I, and one other, were attacked by yellow jackets when we posed by one of the trees!  I got stung twice, and she got stung once.  Interesting enough, we talked to at least three other people on other hikes who were stung that day.  I didn't feel like I had done something wrong, but clearly, I violated some important protocol shared by these wasps!  Or maybe it was payback for killing the one that crawled into my sandwich bag the day before up at Rooster Rock.

For only a mile of hiking here, we sure saw some pretty forest land!  Here are a few photos.


  1. They are some really tall trees. Great photos.

  2. Thanks Happy-K! I think next to the redwoods and some trees up in Mount Rainier, these are the biggest trees that I have seen.